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Selling Audio Services Online - Getting Started With Artiista

Using online social spaces and marketplaces is one of the most efficient ways to attract new clients to your work. Artiista is one such marketplace, focused entirely on music and audio services. We connect audio-based creators with their target audience and allow easy management of online deliveries. 

Artiista welcomes creators under any of the following categories: 

• Voice-over artists
• Vocalists
• Producers and composers
• Songwriters
• Musicians
• Mixing and mastering engineers
• Sound editors
• Sound designers
• ... 

Unlike other freelance marketplaces, Artiista is optimised specifically for music and audio services, meaning we truly understand the wants and needs of those in the audio industry.

So, what are the benefits of selling on an online marketplace? The most obvious is the « search » function, which allows buyers to quickly find the most suitable creator for their project.
Compared to creating a social media profile, for example, a profile on an online marketplace will mainly be viewed by those who are actively looking to hire a freelancer, so they are more likely to approach you with potential work. This also reduces the amount of time you’ll need to dedicate to networking and searching for clients, whether online or offline.
One of the biggest concerns in freelance work is being able to consistently find new work, so it is reassuring to have an online platform doing some of the hard work for you. 

Another major benefit is the secure environment. When working online there is a certain level of anonymity which makes it easy for untrustworthy clients to disappear at any stage of the project, potentially without paying. Artiista removes this issue by providing a secure payment process for both client and freelancer as well as removing untrustworthy clients from the platform. 

The big question is, how do you get started?
Before you create a profile on Artiista, it's a good idea to create a « target audience profile ». This gives you a clear idea of your ideal client, their needs and interests, the type of language and presentation which will draw them in. You might like to include information such as your age range, professions, and project descriptions.

For example, if you were a session guitarist specialising in rock music, your audience profile would be rock musicians and producers, likely working on singles or albums. Their needs could be a high-quality recording, skilled musical performance and strong familiarity with the genre. 

Once you have signed up on Artiista, the next step is to create a profile. Try to include a good-quality picture of yourself which clearly shows your face - most clients find that knowing the face behind a freelancer’s work makes them seem more approachable.
Your bio doesn’t need to be complicated, just be sure to highlight your skills. 

Next, you will create a « microjob » which clients can order. This is your opportunity to showcase your best work, so make sure you have an impressive portfolio ready to upload! Artiista allows microjobs to be posted in multiple languages, an extra bonus if you are multilingual. Use your audience profile to help with writing the description and explain how you can fulfil client’s needs. You can also use the audience profile to inform decisions when creating thumbnail images or videos.

With the above session guitarist example, you may want to think about common colour schemes and fonts used in rock music and incorporate those into your design. 

Selling with an online marketplace like Artiista can be one of the easiest ways to create an income stream using your audio skills remotely, and with the added bonus of listing exclusively audio services, Artiista is the perfect platform for it.

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Author: Admin on: May 7, 2022