The Official Launch of the Artiista Platform in Beta Mode.
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The Official Launch of the Artiista Platform in Beta Mode.

Today, Thursday, February 10, is an important day! The beta version of our platform has finally been deployed. For the next 30 days, we will be inviting a limited number of sellers to join us so they can be part of this great adventure. Artiista was specially developed by artists for artists. We have included in this huge project all the necessary tools so that professionals in the music and sound industry can sell their services online as easily as possible and with a minimum of commissions.

It is now possible to create a professional profile containing a gallery of images and sounds, add the credits obtained for the realization of projects, and many other options.

This first beta version allows us to refine our offer and detect the last small bugs which might appear for a few users. This platform's design, research, and development phase was long, very long! It’s been a total of five years since the beginning. It was all necessary so that we don't just present one more platform to the world that does not offer anything new. We are bringing real tools that allow artists to profit from their activities.

Artiista was designed by highlighting the real needs of artists, such as sending large files, the possibility of uploading videos and audio files, the automatic management of invoicing in the name and on behalf of sellers using a secure and reliable environment.

New functions will be available soon, and we are already working on the platform's evolution. Naturally, so we can continue to improve Artiista’s functionality, we will remain attentive to feedback from our users.

See you soon on the platform.

Ludovic Schmidt – The platform’s founder.

Author: Admin on: Feb 10, 2022
Sent on: 29 Apr 22 - 13:07:23

Magnifique ! Vous avez fait un beau travail qui je pense n'est pas encore à sa fin. Un plaisir d'être sur cette plateforme. Mais pourquoi les acheteurs ne peuvent venir que d'Europe ? A ce niveau c'est limité les potentiels acheteurs. Et même les modes de paiements il faudrait en ajuter à mon avis. Permettez également au utilisateurs vendeurs d'insérer des articles de blog et non pas seulement des vidéos peut être un atout ou encore des fichiers PDF car en plus d'être voix-off je suis rédactrice. J'ai foi que vous tiendrez compte de mes suggestions.