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How to find the most suitable voice over actor for your project?

Finding the voice over actor with the perfect voice for a project can seem complicated. Thousands of professional voice over actors are available and at very attractive prices. So how to choose the right voice over actor and what factors should be taken into account during the selection phase? The chosen voice will become the voice of your project or business. It must be in perfect harmony with the values of your company and the image you want to convey of it.

The right voice will be able to create a lasting emotional bond between your company and your customers. On the other hand, a badly chosen voice, or an unsuitable one although having a professional recording quality and recorded by an experienced voice-over actor could alienate your clients for the simple fact of not being in line with them. This is why it is essential to take your time when it comes to selecting the right voice over actor.
To make this step easier, you can start by doing a small exercise that consists of finding the most important points of your activity that must be transmitted by the voice over actor. Start by developing a list of feelings that represent your brand. For example, conviviality and proximity for a restaurant, seriousness and assurance for a law firm... The voice must express this clearly to reach your target audience. Then comes the choice of a female voice over or male voice over, which one to choose and which would be the most suitable? Many marketing experts claim that a female voice is generally the best option, but this opinion is highly divided, as many others claim the opposite. When it is too difficult to choose, following a certain logic seems the best option. If the primary customer is a man, it is preferable to choose a male voice over, and if the primary customer is a woman, choose a female voice over. In case it is too difficult to decide, the best option is still to test your message on a number of people with a male voice over and the same message with a female voice over and ask for feedback.

Why is it better to trust a professional voice over actor?

You probably believe that anyone can record a voice over, but the experience and level of expertise required to achieve a professional result can only be achieved by entrusting this task to an experienced voice over actor. A voice over recording requires a great knowledge in interpretation which results from learning and not from improvisation. The recording of a voice over is a full-fledged vocal performance and is not limited to simply reading a text. The job of a voice over actor is to bring the story they are telling to life. This story must be able to be visualized and only an experienced actor can achieve this. Voice over actors, in addition to interpretation, must also have a solid knowledge of audio processing and editing. Being essential the use of sound processors during the final phase of the recording, it is necessary to use compressors, equalizers, de-essers and others plugins so that the recorded voice has an optimal quality. Only a professional voice over actor will be able to offer this.

Why is it necessary for the voice over to be professional?

Professional voice over actors have extensive recording experience and are able to deliver work of exceptional quality, whether in terms of recording quality or diction. They are used to work all kinds of script and embodying the voice of the brands entrusted to them. They bring authenticity to the videos for which their voice are used and know how to deliver a recording that meets the expectations of their clients while respecting deadlines. An inexperienced person will be unable to offer this.
The credibility of a brand is also perceived through the voice that represents it. Without a professional voice, the impact of the message on the audience might not be as desired.
For this reason, it is essential to entrust this task to a professional voice over actor. He will know how to highlight the seriousness of your company or your brand. Your customers will have the clear feeling that your product or service is serious and that you do not hesitate to invest in it to take it to another level. On the other hand, if the voice over is unconvincing or seems to be recorded by an amateur, your clients will perceive a clear lack of professionalism and will hesitate to trust you. A professional voice over will infuse your project with authority, they will be able to convey the message with great confidence and clarity. The perception of your product or service will therefore be very different by your audience. A project presented by a professional voice over will reassure, and make your audience trust you more.

Don't waste time and meet your deadlines.

Artiista is here to help with your professional voice over recording. Entrust this task to one of our voice over artists and you will save time. While the chosen actor is recording, continue with your journey without worrying about deadlines. Your voice over will be delivered to you online within the deadlines established in advance by the seller. In the case that a modification needs to be made to the recording, you can request it by using the revision option on the platform.

How to properly select a voice over actor for a project?

The selection of the voice over actor who will be in charge of recording the voice over for your project must be done by respecting certain specific criteria. You can listen some samples of projects that have already been completed on microjob pages or on the voice over actor's profile. it is therefore important to listen to the projects he has already carried out in order to assess the consistency with the message to be recorded. The delivery time must also be taken into account to assess whether the project can be completed on time. It will also be necessary to choose a voice over actor that offers a user license for the projects requiring it.

FAQ: Recording a voice over.

To order a voice over on Artiista, you must first have created an account and be logged in.

  • 1. Once you have selected the voice over microjob you are interested in, on the microjob main page, take note of all the options that are included by carefully reading the description. Voice over microjobs usually contain videos, audios or images to help you make your choice and evaluate the service offered. Checks if a user license is provided when purchasing a voice over microjob. You may need it later. Check the opinions received by previous customers to be able to assess the quality of the service offered. Do not hesitate to contact the voice over actor directly if you have any doubts or questions before ordering.
  • 2. Click on "BUY".
  • 3. Add the extras you want to your order by increasing or decreasing their quantity (if available). Once all the options have been added to the cart, validate your order and proceed to payment.
  • If this is your first order on Artiista, you will be redirected to the "Account Settings" page to fill in your billing information.
  • 4. Choose the payment method to use from those available in the list. Enter your payment card number, expiration date and CVV code.
  • 5. Finally click on "PAY".
  • 6. Payment is in progress. If your card uses the 3DSecure protocol, enter your pin code sent by your bank to confirm the transaction.
  • 7. You are now redirected to the "Order progress" page which allows you to follow the completion of your order and send your instructions to the voice over actor.
Before placing an order, some preparation is required for your voice over recording to be a success. Read your script several times, prepare it well before sending it to the voice over actor, correct the mistakes!
Sending a script without misspellings is essential when you record a voice over. Spelling errors can cause the voice over actor to lose the thread, or force it to stop. The interpretation of the voice over will be much better if he can read the entire text without stopping.
Count the number of words in your script one last time. The billing price will be established by the voice over actor in relation to its length or duration. Last minute changes often affect the final word count of the script and can therefore cause the price to change. Highlight words requiring a particular pronunciation, for example brand names or words used in other languages. Don't hesitate to record them yourself so that the voice over actor knows their exact pronunciation. You will save time and avoid requesting revisions.
Contact the voice over actor if you have any doubts before placing an order, you will also save time.
The production and delivery time for each voice over recording service is indicated on the microjob's main page. This time includes recording, editing and delivery and is calculated from the moment the seller accepts the order. The order can be delivered much faster than the announced deadline and this is often the case. If the order is urgent, you can choose a microjob offering 24-hour delivery at an additional cost.
You can contact a voice over actor using Artiista's internal messaging system. To do this, you must first create an account on the platform and be connected to it.
  • 1. Select the desired voice over microjob by opening its main page.
  • 2. Click on "Contact Seller", a popup opens.
  • 3. Enter your message and click on "Send".
Important: Contacts between voice over actors and buyers should be established only on the platform and no personal data should be transmitted.
Depending on the voice over actor and microjob purchased, a license may be obtained to allow commercial use. When a license is available, it appears in the "Extras and Options" section of each microjob and can be added as an extra when ordering. To find out more about what the license includes, contact the voice over artist.
Once the voice over recording is complete, the voice over actor will deliver one or more files to you on the platform. You can then download them. The files sent will remain at your disposal, so you will have access to them at any time.
The recording of long texts is not offered by all voice over actors. Each seller sets the maximum number of words or minutes that can be recorded. However, some are specialized in this type of service. Recording a voice over for an audiobook is totally different from recording an explainer video. Contact the voice over actor before placing an order to ensure he can meet your needs.
Usually one or more revisions are included to solve any diction errors. However, each voice over actor is free to set the maximum number of revisions that can be requested. This number is indicated on the microjob main page.