I will mix your metal music using analogue gear

Analogue mixing and mastering services available specifically for metal bands! While there is no shortage of incredibly talented audio engineers on this site, I have robust experience specifically in various metal subgenres (black, death, prog, etc) that will help your music stand out from the rest.

My background has seen me mixing and mastering songs for a wide number of bands and musicians in the metal scene, most notably the YouTube singer PelleK with over 3 million subscribers. Let's work together to make your music sound huge.

For $40 I'll mix and master your song for release. At the end you'll be able to receive project files and stems.

All music is mixed using a hybrid setup of analogue outboard gear with some digital editing if needed.

Gear includes:
- Empirical Labs Distressor
- Wes Audio Hyperion
- Wes Audio Mimas
- Wes Audio Prometheus
- Wes Audio Rhea
- Wes Audio Dione
- Wes Audio B76 (1176)
- Wes Audio Timbre (LA-2A)
- Pro VLA II
- Focusrite 18i20
- Focusrite Scarlett Octopre
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