I will record metal session guitars on your song

I will recording rhythm and/or lead guitars for your song. This can be based on a pre-existing part, or I can write a part based on tracks that you supply me with. I specialize in the heavier side of music and have a broad background in black/death/heavy metal music. I have worked as a studio and touring session musician with many musicians in the past, most notably the YouTube-based vocalist PelleK with over 3 million subscribers.

I will provide high-quality audio files of all guitar parts recorded, both amped and dry mixes in the event that you would like to re-amp the recordings at a later date.

You can choose from one of the following amp rigs in order to best suit your style. Please note which one you would like when purchasing. If you have no preference I will use the Engl.

-Engl Fireball
-Mesa Dual Rectifier
-Peavy 5150

I use Vintage 30 speakers and a blend of SM57 and Ribbon mics on an Engl cabinet.
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