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Oliver, 28
Rodriguez, Philippines
My skills
Doing voice overs
6 years of doing voiceover casually now turned to do it professionally. With local and international clients, I have gained experience which helped me to understand the value of doing voiceover.

Reasons to hire me?
* You probably wandering why your project doesn't gain traffic.
* Your project is lacking something.
* It looks boring with just pictures and animations.
* Your message is not conveyed properly.

The SOLUTION to all these is Voiceover!
* I have a fast turnaround.
* Professional sounding and quality audio.
* Understands the goal of your project.
* Relatable and engaging that turns your traffic into potential leads or sales.

Voiceover works I did:
YouTube Videos
TV Ads
Radio Ads
and many more.

Trained Voiceover artist and currently enrolled in dubbing academy.

My passion and love for voice-over started when I was a kid. Inspired by the local children's TV shows and radio programs. I have few experiences in voice-over acting in my previous radio internship.

A broadcast communication student who is motivated in pursuing success in life.

I have a very good speaking voice and can also sing.
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My skills
Doing voice overs